How to Get Rid Of Your Acne Today?

Pimples on the face, neck, back, and shoulders characterize acne. The disorder often begins during adolescence, the very time when appearance becomes especially important. The underlying cause of acne is an oversensitivity to normal levels of the sex hormone testosterone. This oversensitivity makes the oil-producing glands in the skin produce an abnormally high level of sebum, the oily secretion that lubricates and protects the skin. So, How to Get Rid Of Your Acne Today?


The following general advice is helpful for anyone who tends to get acne, and it may be all you need to do to control mild acne.

  • Wash your face with a pH balance facial cleanser that doesn’t dry the skin.
  • For this cleanser, I strongly recommend Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser  or Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser for All Skin Types. Why? Because it is very cheap and effective. Cetaphil Facial Cleanser has a low-foaming formulation that is gentle enough to use on your face every day. Use it in the morning and at night to remove surface oils, dirt, and makeup — all without making your face tight and dry. Dermatologists classically have loved the Cetaphil cleansers because they are non-alkaline (pH 6.3-6.8), lipid-free, non-comedogenic, and mild enough for sensitive skin.

How to get rid of acne today


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  • If you need a moisturizer, use a product that is light and nongreasy. And for this product, I also strongly recommend the dermatologist choice —Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion. I prefer lotion and not cream because a cream is heavier for sensitive and problem skin.

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  • Apply tea tree oil to blemishes with a cotton bud or piece of gauze once or twice a day. If you prefer, dilute the oil with water.
  • Keep your hair off your face, especially if it tends to be oily, and try to avoid touching your face too often.
  • If you use hair gel or mousse and have acne on your forehead, do without these products for a couple of weeks to see if this helps.
  • Drink more water.
  • Drink more fruit and vegetable juice. About the benefits of those juice, you can read through Benefits Of Drinking Fruit And Vegetable Juice.


Some essential oils help regulate sebum production. These include juniper berry (avoid during pregnancy) and Atlas cedarwood (avoid during first 20 weeks of pregnancy), Lavender and geranium have antiseptic and healing properties, while Roman chamomile and petitgrain help reduce skin inflammation. Try the following treatments:

  • Add two drops each of juniper berry and Atlas cedarwood oils to half a cup of water. Use a cotton-wool ball to apply this solution to your skin every two hours during the day.
  • Add two drops of juniper oil to a tablespoon of jojoba or sweet almond oil. Mix this and apply gently to the problem areas as above.
  • Add two drops each of petitgrain and Atlas cedarwood oils to five teaspoons of jojoba oil. Also, add these essential oils to five teaspoons of an unscented skin lotion. Use the oil each night, and the lotion each morning.


Do not pick or squeeze pimples, as this can cause scarring. Make sure your hands are clean before applying essential oil remedies with a cotton-wool ball.


  • Self-help treatments don’t improve your acne.
  • Your suspect that your acne is a side effect of a prescribed medication.


Most surveys show that food has no effect on acne. However, it may be worth keeping a food diary — a record of what you have eaten each day — to see if any foods appear to cause breakouts. Some women find that chocolate is a problem just before menstruation, and some find that fried and hot food is a cause. Acne sufferers tend to have lower than normal levels of vitamin A in the blood, so make sure that you are getting enough of this vitamin. Vitamin A is present in milk, butter, eggs, and liver. Do not take supplements except on medical advice, because of the risk of overdose.