Wow, my eyebrow and lash really grow after using it!

Wow, my eyebrows and lashes really grow after using it! My brow hairs are naturally sparse and very faint in color. And possibly due to stress, aging, hormonal imbalances, and/ or keep rubbing with the brow pencil, they were getting thinner and thinner.

See, with very thin brows,  I feel no confidence walking out from the house. Can you even imagine what it would be like to step outside and not have any worries or concerns about your eyebrows? And nothing can be better than having real and natural eyebrows hair!Thicker eyebrows can frame your face and make you look years younger.

I have been starting to use RevitaBrow after my younger sister keeps convincing me. She has been using this product for many months and gets a very visible result. But at first, I rejected to buy it as found its price is quite high for me. It doesn’t mean I couldn’t afford it, it’s just because I’m always careful in using the money. I would rather draw my brows with eyebrow pencil every day. But the cons were I had to spend up to 10 minutes carving out the perfect arch shape, and needed to look at the mirror frequently to assure the color didn’t smudge after sweating. I can sometimes spend up to 15 minutes of my morning makeup routine, carving out the perfect graduated arch.

After struggling for many months, I finally choose to buy RevitaBrow Conditioner. I purchased the product from the same source as my sister. At that moment I was wondering why this product couldn’t get five stars reviews in Amazon site, but I just trust what I saw from my sister’s result.

Wow, I was shocked it really worked. The eyebrows color became noticeable. Much of the new hair was growing in. It’s just only after 2 weeks. The result was very fast. I think it might be because of three times swipe every day.

Throughout my life, my eyebrows hair has never been in such much fullness. I am very glad. Recently, I have been applying it on my eyelashes, thinking that it might work too. And yes, it doesn’t disappoint me.

See, with thicker eyebrows and lashes, it really makes my eyes look different.  Although the eyebrows hair is still not as thick as I want, now I have no more worries to walk out the house without filling in them.

I didn’t see my brother’s nine-year-old son for many weeks. Last week he came back, and keep staring at me. I asked him what happened. He answered me, ” why your eyes look odd?” Haha, then I have to explain to him that my eyebrows and lashes hair is thicker, longer and much more. Now his mother has bought this effective product too after seeing my significant result.

Of course, you can try using natural remedies to grow your brows or lashes hair, but I have never tried them. If you have the interest in those natural remedies, you can get the info from my another post.

P/s: Now I am using the second tube of Revitabrow. I bought from another vendor because she offer a cheaper price.  But I found there is no change in the density of my eyebrows. I am afraid it is a fake product. Sob..sob.

P/s: If you happen to read this post and want me to share my latest result, please tell me by leaving comment below.